Emerald C's Nursery - Beyond the Ordinary
Below are some pictures of Emerald C's Nursery.Be sure to check out our photo gallery for pictures of our specific plant varieties.
Greetings to All,
        Emerald C's Nursery is located in Sandy, Oregon. As a small independent nursery, we are focused on customer satisfaction. Our plant material is affordable and of the quality you would expect.
    We carry some of the tried and true necessities, however, when you take a closer look at our availability, you will see where we are different. We have some unique and uncommon varieties, and we feel they have a future with plant lovers everywhere.
We produce:
  • potted plants
  • B&B
  • topiary
  • Specimen material
While enabling beautification and diversification in our surroundings, we are enjoying the process of giving back to the environment.
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